Resizing Images With Preview

I use several different Apps to resize images for various purposes. They each have their strengths and weaknesses. But, what if you do not do a ton of resizing like me or what if you do not wish to spend the money on an image resizing application? Well, there is always the macOS’s Preview App. Here is how that would work.

Preview Resizing

Here is a folder containing several photos for a website I am designing:

Web images

If you wish to Batch change all these images at one time you first have to select them all (Command ⌘ + “A”). Then Right-Click on one of them and select “Open With” Preview:

Preview App

Now, hit Command ⌘ + “A” again to select all the photos at one time in the Preview App:

Select All

Now that all the photos are selected click on the “Image” menu in Preview and select “Resize Image”:

Resize Image

You will get a drop down sheet with several choices like this:


You can use the drop down menu in this sheet to choose a specific size for the photos. Or, you can manually enter the size you want int he boxes below that “Custom” menu. And, you can choose to size the images in all the usual ways like Pixels, Percent, etc. Here I chose to resize these images by Percent:

Resize Images

Once you have your size settings complete, just click on “OK” and the images are Batch Resized for you. You can also change the resolution if you are saving these images for use on the Web. There were 12 images in this batch and Preview resized them almost instantly. YMMV based on how many images you are resizing and how large the originals are.


Batch resizing images in Preview is easy and pretty efficient. The Preview App does not have all the bells and whistles of a dedicated image resizing application, but for basic resizing on a budget, it will do just fine for many people.