Snagit 2019 Quick Styles & Favorites

I have been using the Snagit screenshot/screen recording App for quite a while now. It is super versatile and very powerful. I use it to do most of my screen images for the Macessence Blog. TechSmith has just released Snagit 2019 with a few new features. One of those new features I really like and will use is Quick Styles & Favorites. Here is how that works.

Quick Styles & Favorites

Snagit 2019 has all kinds of capabilities for taking screenshots. But, where it shines is in the Editing area. You can do all kinds of things to your screenshots for use in Emails, Online Tutorials, How-To Manuals and many more things.

Snagit 2019 added a new feature for this years model called Quick Styles & Favorites. Let me take you through how this works. Here is a screenshot of System Preferences on my iMac:

System Prefs Shot

The primary way I markup and illustrate my screenshots for the blog is with the Arrow Tool. I use some of the other Tools from time to time, but the Arrow Tool is my go-to illustrator. I like the Arrow Tool to have a certain width and appearance, but I end up having to re-adjusting the width and appearance from time to time in Snagit because my settings don’t seem to stick. Enter Quick Styles and Favorites, a very handy duo. 

The way to do this is to draw your Arrow, then set it the way you like in the Tool Properties in the sidebar:

Quick Styles

1. First, you make your adjustments to how you want the Arrow to display in the Tool Properties. 2. Then you click the “plus” symbol in the blue box just above the Tool Properties. This saves your settings as a Quick Style:

Quick Style Saved

Now, comes the most useful part to me. Snagit has tons of tools to Edit, Annotate and Markup an image. However, I find my self using a few things quite often. So, it is really helpful to be able to create a few Favorites. To do this just click on the yellow star in the upper right corner of the new Quick Style box. Snagit then saves this Quick Style into the Favorites area. You access Favorites by clicking on the Favorites icon in the App menu area:


You can do this with all kinds of Tools in Snagit. Just activate a tool you use a lot, set it to the way you want, then create a Quick Style and add it to your Favorites area. After a while you will have a few frequently used items in your Favorites which will enhance your workflow tremendously. This is so cool, and a real time saver.


Snagit is a great App for doing screenshots and screen recordings. It is quite sophisticated for sure. The improvements in Snagit 2019 are very thoughtful. I will cover others of them when time permits. Suffice it to say, if you do a lot of screenshots for a blog or some type of instructional process, you cannot go wrong with Snagit. The full price is $49, the upgrade price for 2019 is $24.95. That may seem a bit pricey, but if you are a serious screenshot person, the App is worth the price. I started using Snagit a while ago and never looked back. Plus, they do have a “Free Trial” if you just wanted to give it a test drive.