Using Albums In Screen Saver

If you are into using the Screen Saver feature in the Mac OS then you may be interested in this fun tip. Apple has all kinds of builtin Screen Savers, but did you know you can use one of your own Albums from the Photos App? It is really easy to setup, here is how it goes.

Screensaver Albums

Hey, we are all great photographers right. Perhaps we would prefer to create our own screensaver flow instead of using Apple’s Default choices. If this is you and you have some great photos, or even nostalgic photos you would like to see on your screen, then open the System Preferences and click into the Desktop & Screen Saver Pref Pane:

Screen Saver

Once you are in this area click on the Screen Saver Tab, then select one of the Screen Savers in the sidebar. Next, click on the “Source” drop down:

Screen Saver Source

As you can see there are lots of choices in this list. You want to choose your “Photo Library”:

Photo Library

Once inside the Photo Library, choose Albums:


Then navigate to the Album of your choice to use as the Screen Saver:

Album Choice

Now, when your Screen Saver is activated it will load and use those photos. 


Hey, this is no big deal, just a fun thing to be able to implement on your Mac. If you are tired of Apple’s Screen Saver choices, use your own!