Airmail Quick Filter Menu

As you know I am somewhat fickle when it comes to email applications. Lately, I have been using Spark and Airmail instead of the Default Mail App in the macOS. I think I have finally settled on Airmail, a very sophisticated and intuitive email App, I highly recommend it. Here, I want to explore Airmail’s Quick Filters Menu.

Airmail Quick Filters

Airmail has tons of Settings and Features. Lately, I have been working on managing my email, I get tons of it just like most people. Different email Apps have different ways of prioritizing and managing email. There are always Email Rules of course, but I was looking for ways to interact with emails quickly in the main window of the App. In my search I found the Quick Filters Menu in Airmail.

The Quick Filters Menu is located at the top of the email listing section:

If you roll your mouse over these small icons they produce a “Tooltip” indicating what they do:

Here is a list of the Quick Menu Functions from left to right (with my comments):

  1. Show Unread Messages – Sometimes Airmail shows an unread email Badge in the Dock, but I cannot find the email anywhere in my Folders. I can use this command to find the Unread email and deal with it.
  2. Show Starred Messages – When I am going through lots of emails (mostly in the morning) I will “Star” a message as Important for later consideration.
  3. Show Messages with Attachments – This only shows messages containing attachments.
  4. Show Conversation – This shows a Conversation of a selected email. Recently, I was involved in a sale of some property which took place primarily by email. This feature was invaluable in keeping track of where I was in the email process.
  5. Filter by Date – Enables you to filter emails by a specific Date. I do not use this much, but if you are looking for a specific email that came in on a specific date, it may be handy.
  6. Sort – This Filter allows you to sort you’re emails by all kinds of criteria. Just click on the Sort Filter and choose the Sort criteria from the drop down menu.
  7. Show All Message From This Sender – This is very handy if you are trying to locate an email from a specific person.

When you are finished using a specific filter, just click on that filter again and it returns your email back to its original state.

I do not use these Quick Filters too frequently, but when I need to interact with my email more than just Reading and Deleting, they really do come in handy.


There are several email Apps available for the macOS. I really like Airmail because of it’s easy of use and feature set. The Quick Filter Menu is just one of many ways Airmail makes dealing with my email workflow easier and more efficient. At $9.99 Airmail is very inexpensive.