HEIC Photos Revisited

In my previous article I demonstrated artifacts in photos in HEIC format from my iPhone 8 Plus. As a result, I started using a different photo App called Camera+ 2 which works great, but its photos are much larger in size. I updated to macOS Mojave 10.14.2 a couple of days ago which has apparently fixed the HEIC problem.


After updating to 10.14.2 I got curious if Apple fixed the HEIC artifacts problem in the Photos App. I reset my iPhone to use HEIC and took a few photos around the house. Then, I edited them in the Photos App using the Photolemur 3 Extension. Here is the result after editing:

HEIC Edited Photo
HEIC Edited Photo

As you can see there are not artifacts in this photo. The others are the same, no artifacts. So, the problem was either in the macOS or in the Photos App itself. I have not changed anything on my iPhone.

Despite this HEIC fix, I have decided to stick with the Camera+ 2 App. It is so versatile and it really does take better quality pictures than the Default iOS Camera App. The photos are larger, but I typically do not take tons of photos with my iPhone. If I was a heavy Camera user, I might stick with HEIC to save space, but for now that feature is turned off.


As far as I can tell you do not have to worry about the HEIC setting in iOS. The problem has been corrected in the Mac Photos App or macOS.