Checking Password Usage In Safari

I know I have been on a password security kick of late, but it so important to use good passwords on our Internet logins. Using the same old password for logins is a recipe for disaster. I have mentioned several password Apps that can manage and create specific passwords. However, if you are not using one of these password Apps, you can still check your password usage manually in the macOS Safari web browser.

Safari Passwords

Apparently, as we login to websites using the Safari web browser it keeps track of password usage. It then lists passwords that are reused on multiple websites. You can check this usage by going into Safari Preferences and clicking on the Passwords Tab:

Password Window

Just type your Mac User account password in that window and hit “Return”. You will be taken to your list of passwords that have been used multiple times during Safari logins:

Multiple Passwords

I blocked out my logins for obvious reasons. It tells you what this list is at the bottom of this window. If you click on the password dots the actual password is revealed. But, the most important information is the warning triangle in the right hand column. When you click on that you get a message about where and how many times that particular password is being used:

Reused Password

It shows the actual password in the Password list and then shows you the websites. It even provides a link to one of the websites for you to click through and change the password. That is what I call thorough.

When I started on my password repair program I changed passwords on sites where I spent money first. Then I decided to just change all the passwords on all the sites. I am still in the process of doing that. That bottom line is, any bad, reused password is a weak link for a hacker to get into that particular web account and get your personal information. Then they can use your information to steal from you or just plain cause you grief.

If you wanted to check one of your passwords to see how secure it is you can go to this online password checker and see.


If you have a lot of website logins, then this project may look to be a bit daunting. But, that is just what you should make of it, a project. Start upgrading the passwords on any sites where you spend money and then just keep going on all the other websites. The password Apps can create secure passwords for you. Sometimes the websites have a link that will create a secure password as well. No matter how you do it, just do it for your peace of mind and personal security.