HDMI Connections Followup

I know this is a little off topic from Mac and iOS stuff, but a little diversion once in a while is OK. In one of my previous articles I mentioned my rather complicated switch to Cable TV. I also mentioned that the new cable box would not display video on my 4 year old TV through the HDMI connection. Since my previous article I have done some research and discovered the reason for this.

HDMI Standards

Like everything else electronic, HDMI has progressed through various standards over the years. For a long time it was HDMI 1.4 which is the standard of a lot of old electronic equipment like my LG TV and Yamaha Receiver. The standard behind all this is called HDCP which is a security standard in all kinds of electronics. The common vernacular though is to refer to all this as HDMI 2.2 or HDMI 1.4, an older version of HDCP and the newer version of HDCP.

All electronic equipment over the past couple of years with HDMI capability is using HDMI 2.2. Supposedly, the HDMI 2.2 standard is backward compatible with the 1.4 standard. Much to my disappointment that is not always the case. I believe this is the problem with my HDMI hookup. My LG TV is a little over four years old (I know, it’s ancient right), the cable box just installed is brand new using the latest standards including HDMI 2.2.

As previously stated, I am using a coaxial cable connection for TV video. It is not terrible, but not HDMI quality for sure, especially for peoples skin and other finer details.

After getting familiar with the new cable system, I started doing research on this issue. It is fairly common. I discovered you can buy a converter that converts HDMI 2.2 to the old 1.4 standard. I bought one of these from Sewell Direct:

I did not even know these existed until I stared looking around. You plug the HDMI 2.2 cable from your HDMI source into one end and a HDMI 1.4 cable into the other end and then into your older Receiver or directly into the TV. So, what is the result?

This box did not work, but I am trying other solutions including going back to Component cables. Will report back when and if I find something that will work for my setup.


The moral to the story is, if something does not work in the electronics world, don’t lose hope. There may be some gadget or fix out there. You just have to do a little homework.