iPhone Photos From The Lock Screen

As the iPhone cameras have gotten better and better more people are abandoning their DSLR cameras for iOS photos. There is no substitute for a good DSLR for certain kinds of photos shoots, but there are many situations that can be handled by a newer iPhone camera very nicely. At least, this describes my photography history over the last two to three years. However, there has always been one thing that caused me to shy away from using the iPhone for a photo.

Lock Screen Camera

The iOS has so many features I think there are times when we just forget all it can do. Case in point, access to the iPhone’s camera while still on the Lock Screen. Here is what typically happens to me, maybe you can relate. I am out and about someplace and the opportunity presents itself for an interesting photo. But, by the time I get my iPhone, login and then open the Camera App, the opportunity has passed. That is so frustrating. However, there is a very simple solution that we all know about, but sometimes just forget. You can access the iPhone Camera App from the Lock Screen of your device. Here is the Lock Screen of my iPhone 8 Plus:

iPhone Lock Screen

When the opportunity of a good photo appears before your very eyes all you have to do is swipe from right to left on the iPhone Lock Screen and you are taken directly into the Camera App:

Camera App

All you have to do is press the photo button and you are good to go. You may even have enough time to make a quick adjustment or two depending on the lighting and subject matter of your photo. To get out of the Camera App click on the Home Button which takes you back to the Lock Screen.


Yes, everyone has known about the Camera Lock Screen feature for a while I imagine. But, how often do we use it? I just wanted to remind you and me that it is there, a super fast way to get a quick photo.