Malware Catch

In addition to running the VirusBarrier virus and malware App suite, I manually run the excellent Malwarebytes App on my Mac from time to time. VirusBarrier is running and scanning in the background. Finding actual malware is so uneventful I completely forget those Apps are there most of the time. However, VirusBarrier reminded me what it is doing on my Mac by catching a bit of malware the other day.

Malware Catch

I was online trying to download something and noted that this particular website had a “free” PDF reader App. They implied that this App was coded to read the material on their site, so you needed to download it. I downloaded the .zip file. When I went to install the App VirusBarrier came up with a malware warning:

Malware Warning

I had VirusBarrier “Quarantine” this malware and all was well. Often times malware is installed on peoples computers through installers. I was glad I caught this bad guy. If I had installed it, I don’t know if Malwarebytes would have caught it or not. I would like to think it would have.


The moral to the story is you should either have a Virus/Malware App running on your Mac or at the very least run Malwarebytes once in a while.