Mojave Mouse Freeze

Ever since I started using macOS Mojave I have noticed that my mouse will freeze every once in a while. This phenomenon is fairly widely reported on the Web. Some people have to force their Macs to Shutdown and then do a Restart to continue working. My freezes are not that bad. If I wait for about a minute or a little more, the freeze goes away and I can continue working. Needless to say, this is a total pain and a real workflow stopper. However, I may have found a fix for this issue.

Mojave & Spotlight

Over the years Mac people have had a love hate relationship with the macOS Spotlight App. It has gotten quite powerful and become fairly useful at this point. I do not use it much, but I know many people do.

In my online research for this Mojave freeze problem I noted a few people blamed it on Spotlight Indexing. Spotlight is a search engine and is indexing the stuff on your Mac fairly regularly to aid it in performing it’s searches. My research revealed that people were having success eliminating the freeze problem by turning Spotlight off on their Macs. Now you can turn Spotlight off completely using Terminal Commands. However there is no actual ON/OFF switch in the Spotlight Pref Pane. However, there is another way to go about this.

Go into your Spotlight Preference Pane:

Spotlight Pref Pane

Once in the Pref Pane, click on the Privacy Tab:

Privacy Tab

Once you are in the Privacy Tab, try clicking on the plus symbol in the bottom of the window and adding your main hard drive into the list there:


You can see my main Macintosh HD has been added along with my Clone and iMac Backup drive. I added the iMac Backup drive because my Chronosync backup software says it has issues backing up to external drives if Spotlight is indexing them. So, Spotlight no longer indexes my backup drive. I don’t need to use Spotlight to search the Backup drive, I can search for things using Chronosync.

I implemented this potential solution about 3 weeks ago. Since that time I have not had one freeze. Prior to trying this, I probably got one freeze a week. I am not sure if this is the ultimate solution, but until Apple fixes this issue in one of it’s Mojave updates, I am going to run with it.


If you are experiencing these Mojave freezes, you might try this solution for a while. If you rely heavily on Spotlight, then you probably should continue to allow indexing of your hard drives. You will just have to wait and see what Apple does with this.