Network & TV Change

Over the years we have all put up with screwy slow network speeds and limited TV offerings. Case in point for me would be DHL network connections. What a total pain they were, until I switched to a cable modem connection. Now I get very fast and reliable network speeds. The old days of pulling my hair out are over. My TV has always been Satellite, which is known for it’s excellent video quality and channel lineups. However, since I was using cable for network, I decided to change to cable for everything.

The Cable Switch

I discovered I could have about the same channel lineup and save about $40 a month if I bundled cable TV with network. Plus, that price was locked in for two years. This was going to be a major decision since I had been using Satellite for TV for many years. I was happy with Satellite video quality for sure, but their prices just kept going up too much too fast.

The install process for cable was very complicated. The installer  was great, very patient and he knew his stuff. Eventually, he figured out the cable wiring at our house and got everything in place. Now, this next part is very important.

Once the installer had everything installed, he began setting up the cable box on our TV. Just a side note here, we have a LG LED TV which is about 4 years old. It had worked flawlessly up to this point. As hard as he tried the installer could not get the cable box to display video on our LG TV connected with a HDMI cable. Nothing seemed to work for this setup. He ended up calling his boss who said some “older” (4 years is older?) TV HDMI connections would not talk to their new cable boxes. What a total bummer that was! So, they had to connect up the cable box using a coax cable. I probably don’t have to tell you that the video of coax cable is definitely not HDMI. Really, the video is not too bad, it is livable until we can get a new TV, hopefully in the near future. But, until then, coax cable it is. 

The rest of the cable service is good, lots of goodies and iOS Apps to mess around with for sure. It has taken me a couple of days to get used to their system, stuff like the channel guide, how to record shows, etc. I was even able to program my Logitech All-In-One Remote to run everything.

I did do some research before going to this service, but it never occurred to me that an older TV might use a HDMI standard that was not forward compatible. Or maybe I should say, that a cable company would make a cable box that was not backward compatible.


After discovering this problem I did some research online. Lots of people have had this problem with the TV HDMI not talking to the cable box. It is fairly common. At any rate, when I buy a newer TV I am going to be certain to check the return policy just incase it will not connect either. Better to be safe than sorry.