Notifications In Mac OS

All of Apple’s devices contain some type of Notifications feature. These Notifications can be helpful or down right annoying. They help us stay up to date on things like email and texts, but can be untimely on occasion and just a giant interruption at other times. You can adjust what type of Notifications an App presents or whether they give Notifications all. Finally, you can just turn on “Do Not Disturb” to shut it all down for a while. Here is how that works.

Notifications System Preference

To turn off or adjust Notifications for a specific App just head on over to the Notifications Preference Pane:

Notifications Pref

Once in there you will see a list of Apps that can provide Notifications  on your Mac:

Notifications List

Take a look at the above image. From Left to Top to Bottom it goes like this. Underneath each App you see what Notification features are activated and how they are activated. It will usually be Badges, Sounds, Banners or Alerts. If you look at the top of the image window you can choose to use Banners or Alerts or just turn them off altogether. Further down the window are things you can turn off. If you turn off every item in this window, you will not receive Notifications from that particular App. Here I have changed the Data Rescue Notifications from Banners to Alerts:


And, here I have turned off “Badge app icon” altogether:

Badge App Icon

When you make adjustments in the right-side of the window they are reflected in the left-side of the window.

There is one more thing to mention here. You can just turn all Notifications from everywhere off by going into the Notifications slide out pane on your Mac Desktop and turning on the Do Not Disturb feature:

Do Not Disturb

Sometimes activating “Do Not Disturb” is the only way to get stuff done. I do use that feature on occasion.


Notifications on your Mac can be informative at times, but just plain in the way as well. MacOS presents an easy way to tweak your Notifications to fit your workflow.