Path Finder Batch Rename

Sometimes people think you have to jump through a bunch of hoops to do a batch rename of file. I described how to do this using only the macOS Finder in a previous article. That Finder article was a few years ago. I wanted to show you what that looks like in macOS Mojave and in the excellent Finder replacement Path Finder.

Batch Rename

If you are using the Mojave Finder to do a batch rename of files, all you have to do is select multiple items and then select “Rename Items . . .” from the File Menu:

Rename Items

The Mojave Finder window will open a drop down pane with several choices:

Finder Window

The Mojave batch rename is very similar to previous macOS versions. 

If you are fortunate to run the Finder replacement App Path Finder, you have the same capability with a few more features. Just select multiple files and then go to Commands / Batch Rename . . .:

Commands Rename

Path Finder does not do a drop down pane, if opens a separate window like this:

Path Finder Rename Window

There are drop down menus for choices in the left column. Your files are listed in the right column.  If you click on Replace Text, you are presented with these items:

Replace Text

The choices are similar to those in the Mac Finder with a few extras of course. If you click on the “Apply To” drop down, you have even more choices:

Apply To

If you click on the Mode drop down, you have even more choices:


As you can see, Path Finder is quite sophisticated when it comes to batch renaming files. 


If I have a very complicated batch file rename project I might use the A Better Finder Rename App. However, for the average renaming project the capabilities of either the Mac Finder or PathFinder Apps would be more than sufficient.