WordPress iOS App

I create about ninety percent of the Macessence Mac Blog on my Mac and about ten percent on my iPad. Most of the time I create an article on the Mac and only use my iPad for updating and tweaking the article. Occasionally, I do originate a blog article on the iPad. I know some people that blog exclusively form their iPad or Mac. Either way, at least part of the time I want to be able to work in the Macessence blog on my iPad.

WordPress Blogging App

That brings me to trying to find a good blogging App on the iOS platform. There are a few Apps out there. I don’t mean just a writing App that can export an article to be pasted into WordPress, I mean an App that will post a blog article directly to WordPress. I have tried several over the years and have finally (at least for now) settled on using the WordPress Blogging App.

On the Mac I use the excellent MarsEdit App for most of my blog writing needs. However, there is no MarsEdit equivalent  for iOS (I sure wish there was). I have tested several different iOS blogging Apps over the years. They each have their strong points. I did test the WordPress Blogging App when it first came out, but it was so lame I really could not even begin to use it. That is not the case any longer. The WordPress Blogging App is ‘new and improved’. It is definitely robust enough for WordPress blogging.

The WordPress Blogging App is an open source project and is free. When you first open the App you will need to add your blog which includes blogs located at third party web addresses. Your blogs are listed in the App:

Blog List

You just click the plus sign to add another blog and so on and so forth. Click on the blogs name to be taken to the main blogging window:

Main Window

When you click on items in the left sidebar they are displayed in the right side of the window. You can display current Published blog posts, Drafts, Scheduled Posts and all kinds of other stuff from your WordPress site. As you can see in the above image, you can Edit blog posts right in the App. I use this feature quite frequently. I will create and upload a blog post to Macessence on my Mac, but then think of something to correct or add to the post while I am watching TV later that night. In this case, I pull up the post in the WordPress Blogging App and do my additions or editing.

To write an article from scratch click on “Write” in the bottom of the window or on the “Plus” symbol in the upper right corner of the window. Once in the new window you add the title and the text of the article:

Write Window

There are editing icons at the bottom of the “write” window. If you wish to add an image from your Photo Library on your iPad, click on the plus symbol (above image):

Photo Window

You tap on an image or images to select and then click on “Insert” to the right and just above the photos:

Insert Photo

The photo is inserted into the cursor position in your article:

Photo Uploaded

Sometimes it takes a bit for the photo to appear fully in your post because WordPress App is uploading it to the server. Once it is uploaded, it appears properly in your article.

Once you are finished with the article click on Publish in the upper right corner of the window which allows you to publish immediately. However, you can go into some settings for this post by clicking on the . . .  ellipsis right next to Publish:


You can click on Settings which allows you to add the usual stuff to your post:

Settings Stuff

Here you can add Set the Featured Image, Category, Tags and choose to Schedule the post. There are other Settings as well. Once your Settings are complete, click on the back arrow and Publish.


There are other iPad blogging Apps that have more bells and whistles than the WordPress Blogging App. However, the WordPress App is sufficient for my needs and gets better and better all the time. If you are looking for an iPad blogging App, give the WordPress App a try. It is free and might be more than adequate for your iOS blogging workflow.