Genius Bar Experience

When I was working as a Mac Tech I went to the local Apple Store Genius Bar from time to time. I always got good service, very professional. Back then, you could get an appointment for the next day; not anymore. My wife’s two month old 2018 MacBook Air Display just died the other day. Our Air is treated with kid gloves, we just did not get it why this happened. So, we made an appointment for the local Genius Bar. The closest appointment we could make was one week away! Yes, that is 7 days folks. Here is our Genius Bar experience.

The Genius Bar

People have complained over the last few years about the extended wait times for Genius Bar appointments. With all the iPhones, iPads, Watches and Macs out there, the local Apple Store Genius Bars are inundated. Our Apple Store was no exception of course. 

When we arrived for our appointment we were seated at the Genius Bar. Someone contacted us within 3 minutes. A tech was speaking to us within 5 minutes. We explained the problem which is obvious from viewing the Air’s Display. The tech gal examined the machine. What she was looking for was any abuse to the Display. She discovered that the Air Display was cracked. More specifically, she was looking for broken glass or points of impact. There were none, the screen just cracked on its own, don’t ask me why or how.

The Tech lady was great. She got permission from the store manager to repair the Display at no cost to us. They sent for the Display Part and will do the repair in the local Apple Store. The downside is it will take about another 7–10 days. But, since it is free, we think it is OK. 

Don’t ask me why the screen cracked. The MacBook Air just sits on the Dining Room table 95% of the time. I have heard of people having problems with some MacBook Pro Displays in online articles. Maybe these Retina Displays are more sensitive than the old ones, I just don’t know.

Make no mistake, the new 2018 MacBook Air is a great little machine:

IMG 5469  2

I hope this is not a major problem with other Airs. I would not want it to discourage others from buying laptop.


I will let you know how the repair goes on our Air. Hopefully, all will be well.