Spotlight Weather Forecast

I am not a heavy macOS Spotlight user, but I do use it on occasion. One of the things Spotlight can do is get the weather in your area or wherever you choose. You may run a weather App on your Mac or iPad, but if you don’t or you just want a quick weather lookup, then “look” no further than the Spotlight App.

Spotlight Weather

All you have to do to activate Spotlight is either click the icon in the Mac menubar or hit Command ⌘ + Space Bar on you keyboard:

Spotlight search window
Spotlight search window

Now, just type in the word “weather” and Spotlight will supposedly display the weather in your are. However, for me it was a little out of my area. So, all you have to do is type “weather in” and then the name of the city you wish and Spotlight will display the correct weather:

Weather in  whatever city you add
Weather in whatever city you add

Spotlight uses, but it lists other weather services if you wish to consult them.

While you have the Spotlight window open, you can scroll down the weather side to see more days:

See the extended forecast by scolling down.
See the extended forecast by scolling down.

Of course, if you click on one of the links you can go to the (or other weather service) website for more detail.


Spotlight can do all kinds of stuff, but I find their weather service one of the most useful.