CleanMyMac X Space Lens

As you know I am a big fan of the CleanMyMac X application from MacPaw Software. It is my main Go-To Utility for maintaining my Mac. CleanMyMac X is constantly updated which includes adding features. The latest handy feature addition is something called Space Lens. No, that is not about telescopes, it has to do with displaying files on your Mac.

Space Lens

The Space Lens feature shows you how much space things are taking on your hard drive on your Mac. Here is how you access the feature in the main App window:

Space Lens

When you click on the Space Lens link you get this window:

Scan Button

Just click on the Scan button and Space Lens scans your Mac making a list of what is on your files:

Scan Results

When you select an item in the left column, the contents are displayed in the right column. You have to do a little drilling down to get to some of the junk stuff. If I drill down into my User Folder Library:

User folder

The stuff in the User Folder Library is displayed:

Application Support

The Application Support folder is a good place to delete junk stuff. Here is a file in the Preferences folder that can go. All you have to do is select the item you wish to Delete and then click the “Remove” button:

Remove Button

You will get a drop down warning like this:

Remove item

The item is then removed from that location on your hard drive. Space Lens finishes by telling you the size of the item that is cleaned:

Amount Deleted

There are several Apps available for the Mac that show what is on your hard drive and allow you to remove junk stuff. So, Space Lens is not a new idea. However, the value to me is that it is in the same App which I use to do most of my Mac maintenance. It is a convenience thing for sure.


If you are already using CleanMyMac X, then I urge you to give Space Lens a try. It is fun and easy to use. If you do not have CleanMyMac X on your Mac, Space Lens is just another reason to buy it for your Mac maintenance needs.