Light & Dark Mode Toggle

A while back I did an article on NightOwl which is an App that toggles Light and Dark Mode in macOS Mojave. Recently, I updated the NightOwl App and it started acting weird. So, to avoid any problems I uninstalled it. I might revisit it at a later time. However, I needed to still be able to easily Toggle between Light and Dark Mode. So, I setup a quick Workflow in Automator.

Toggle Light & Dark Mode

If you need to toggle Light and Dark Mode on occasion then just recreate this Automator Workflow. It is really easy. Here is a heads up before we go any further. Once the Automator Workflow is created I assigned a “Hotkey” to activate it using Keyboard Maestro. If you do not have the capability to assign a “Hotkey”, then you would not create Toggle Light / Dark as a Workflow, you would create it as an Application and activate it with Spotlight. More on that in a minute.

To begin, open Automator and select Workflow:

Select Workflow in the Automator Window
Select Workflow in the Automator Window

Once you are in the Automator Window just click in the Search Box and type “Change System.” Then drag that Action in to the Workflow Window. If it is not already set to “Toggle Light/Dark”, just click on the dropdown and choose it:

Drag this action into the Workflow window.
Drag this action into the Workflow window.

Now, just save this Workflow to iCloud or someplace on your hard drive.

If you have a scripting App like Keyboard Maestro or are able to run AppleScript, then just create a Macro assigning a “Hotkey” combination to activate this workflow by pointing the Macro to the Light/Dark Workflow on your Mac.

If you are going the Spotlight route, then you have saved the Automator stuff as an Application. Just open Spotlight, type in the name of your Toggle App (in my case Light / Dark), then hit “Return” or “Enter” and Spotlight will run the App. To switch it back just run it again.


If you need to switch between Light and Dark Mode in Mojave from time to time, then create this Workflow. It will speed up YOUR workflow for sure.