MacOS 10.14.4 Beta Safari Dark Mode

One of the new features in macOS 10.14.4 is going to be Dark Mode for web pages in the Safari web browser. I do not believe that many websites have pages in Dark Mode yet, but a few do. To test this I booted into the 10.14.4 Beta and searched for Dark Mode web sites.

Safari Dark Mode

I checked all through the Settings in Safari for some type of Dark Mode setting, but there is none. At least, there is none yet. Apparently, website Dark Mode pages operate off the System Dark Mode Settings. If your Mojave OS is set to Dark Mode, then pages from websites with Dark Mode capability will show up dark. Here is one example I found online:

Dark Mode Page

This is just a portion of the page. I suppose on a Retina display this text would be acceptable. But, for my older Mac the text is very difficult to read. The grayed out text at the bottom of the window is almost impossible to read. In normal Light Mode, the grayed out text would appear kind of a dark gray and would be difficult, but possible for me to decipher.

When you click on one of the articles the next screen looks like this:

Dark Article

Images and Graphics seem to jump out at you more which is cool, but the text is still difficult as far as I am concerned. 

I suppose websites eventually may give you a choice to see their site in Light or Dark Mode. However, for now, Dark Mode web pages are in their infancy. We will just have to see how this feature develops. 


I use Dark Mode in Mojave most of the time; I really like it. However, I am not sure what I am going to do when the next update arrives containing Safari Dark Mode capabilities. I will just have to play it by ear.