Remove Bluetooth Device From You Mac

Sometimes working with Bluetooth on the Mac can be a little frustrating, especially when trying to connect some Device which does not want to be seen. On the other hand, removing a Bluetooth Device from the Mac is quite easy. Here is how that is done.

Removing Bluetooth Devices

Typically for me, I might remove a wireless keyboard that I was working with for a while or perhaps a Bluetooth Mouse. Whatever the Device, they all connect the same way and are removed the same way. To remove a Bluetooth device you need to be in the Bluetooth System Pref Pane:

bluetooth system pref

Once in there just click on the device you wish to remove:

Remove Device

And then click the small “x” to the right of the device. You will then get this warning message:

Remove Warning

When you click Remove the device is gone from the Bluetooth list. To use that device on your Mac in the future you have to go through all the connection routine for a Bluetooth device.

Now, keep in mind, Removing a Bluetooth device is not the same as Disconnecting one. If you want to leave the device installed on your Mac, but just want to Disconnect it, you go to the Bluetooth Menubar item and selected Disconnect:


The device will be Disconnected. To use that device again, you just have to tell the Mac to connect to it (no setup required) and away you go.


Bluetooth on the Mac has gotten more reliable and easier to use in each new macOS release. It is a very handy connection standard as long as it talks to your devices properly.