Safari Tab Overview

There are several web browsers we can use in macOS, but I think most people use Apple’s Safari web browser. Safari is a very sophisticated piece of software with all kinds of features and settings. Ever since Safari has offered Tabbed Browsing I have used it. It is so much more efficient than having a bunch of windows open for various websites. However, sometimes even Tabbed Browsing can get cluttered. That is where the Tab Overview feature comes into play.

Safari Tabbed Overview

When I am really busy researching something I will end up with all kinds of Tabs open in Safari. A typical Safari window for me would look something like this:

Safari Window

The lower arrow in the above image shows several bunched up Tabs at the right side of the Safari Window. If you look right above that you will see the Tab Overview icon. When you click that, your tabs are displayed in icon format:

Tab Overview

This makes sorting through and finding a certain Tab relatively easy. Obviously, you do not need to use this feature if you only have two or three Tabs open. It is a real life save when you have ten or more Tabs open let me tell you. 

You can also access the Tab Overview feature from the Safari “View” menu:

View Menu

As you see, you can use a keyboard command as well. I probably use the menubar icon the most of all these choices.


This is probably not a major feature of Safari, but Tab Overview can come in really handy, especially if you do major online research and surfing.