2019 iMac Unboxing

Well, I finally received my 2019 iMac 27” from Apple today. This is such a super nice machine. The outer form factor is the same as my previous Intel iMac, but the inside is totally new and improved over my Late 2012 model. Setting it up was a bit involved, but more on that in a future article. I just wanted to show you some unboxing photos and make a couple of comments.

The Unboxing

As is usually the case, Apple’s attention to detail is totally cool. Here is the iMac in the original box:

Main Box

So, I went to my office to get a knife to cut open this box. But, low and behold, I did not need one:

Open Box

Apple has this little tab on sticking out from the tape that seals the box. All you have to do is pull it and the box is open:

Open Box Front

The box opens down from the front, no pulling out a computer from a box like the old days. It just folds down and you lift it out:

Fold down

It lifts out pretty easily along with the components:

iMac Out

Once it was all unpackaged I let it sit overnight to kind of get rid of the smells:

iMac Sitting Out

I am going to do another article on some of the things that happened while I was setting up the new iMac, much of it regarding transferring my files from my old iMac.


It is totally cool to have a new machine. This iMac is only the low end model, but compared to my 6 year old iMac it is an extreme improvement.