Email Templates

Even if you only use them occasionally, Email Templates can be very helpful. Depending on how much and what kind of Emails you do, Templates can be a real time saver. However, here is the deal. If you use the Apple Mail App in macOS Mojave, you are out of luck. Mail no longer has a Template feature (they called it Stationery). The Airmail and Spark Email Apps do have a Template feature, lets take a look.

Airmail Templates

I prefer and use the Airmail Email App, it is really excellent. I do use the Template feature a little. Here is how Airmail’s Templates work. To create a Template in Airmail just create your email, format it and then click on the Template icon in the small menubar in the Email Window and select “Create Template”:

Create Template

The program asks you to name the Template. The next time you wish to use the Template create a new Email and click on the Template Icon and select the Template from the drop down list. In this case I selected “Test template”:

Email Template

You can have all the Templates you want in Airmail. They work pretty well. I guess I cannot imagine having an Email program without Template capability.

Spark Templates

I do use the Spark Email App from time to time. It is a nice App. The reason it is not my permanent Email App is it does not have Rules. However, Spark does have Email Templates. Here is how they work. In Spark you create a Template in the Preferences area:

Spark Template

You click on the Template Tab, then click on the “Plus” symbol.  Once you do that just type in the Title of the Template, the Subject and then the main body:

Create Template

Once your Template is setup you do not need to save it. The App saves it automatically. 

When you create a new Email in Spark, just click on the Template icon at the bottom of the window and select the appropriate Template:

New Template Email

Here is my Test Template in Spark:

Test Template

There is not much to it. I just wanted to show you how it is done.

Apple Mail Template

There ain’t none!! Yes, Apple Mail use to have a Template feature in macOS versions prior to Mojave. I think it worked pretty well. For whatever reason, Apple has removed this feature in macOS Mojave. I assume this feature will be gone in the Mail App going forward. However, you can create an Email Template using the Drafts feature in the Mojave Mail App. This link explains how to do this, you can watch the video or read the article.

Many people have complained to Apple about the lack of the Stationery feature. If I was a regular Apple Mail user, I would not be happy either. If you have previously used Stationery in Apple Mail, I urge you to complaint to Apple. I am sure they can add the feature once again.

By the way, I did a quick check of the Postbox Email App. It does do Templates, but they call them “Responses”. I am not going to cover how to create a “Response” in Postbox, suffice it to say they are created in the Preferences / Composition Tab.


Email Templates  can real workflow boosters, especially if you do tons of Email. Sorry if you are using the Apple Mail App. You will have to try the work around. For the rest of us, we are good to go.