macOS 15 And 64-Bit Code

I have mentioned several times that 32-Bit Coded Apps will not be allowed in Apple’s upcoming macOS 10.15. I am sure the 10.15 OS will be announced at the WWDC in June and will be released around September sometime as usual. So, it is time to start checking your Apps for 32-Bit status. To do that I recommend an App called ArchiCheck from the electric light company website. I have been using ArchiCheck on several of my Apps. It is easy to use, here is how it works.


The ArchiCheck App is free. It runs fine in macOS Mojave. I recommend downloading it and trying it out. You use ArchiCheck by dragging an App onto the ArchiCheck icon. Here, I am going to drag the Acorn App onto ArchiCheck:

Acorn Drag

If you are wondering how to drag an App onto ArchiCheck without making two Finder Windows, just make an Alias of the App and put it on your Desktop. When you drag an App over ArchiCheck you get this type of response:

ArchiCheck Response

If the App is 64-Bit Intel, it is good to go. If an App is coded 32-Bit Intel, you will see a screen like this:

32-Bit code

The above AccountEdge Basic App is entirely 32-Bit Code. Some Apps have code that allows them to work both ways, 64-Bit code and 32-Bit code:

Dual Coded

The key to understanding a dual coded App is the phrase “No 32-bit only components were found” in the ArchiCheck window. The exclusive 32-Bit Apps begin with this phrase, “The following components are 32-Bit Only”. As far as I can tell as long as the 64-Bit Intel box is checked you are good to go for that App.

So, how do you use the ArchiCheck App? The very least you can do is use it on your Apps so that you will not be surprised when macOS 15 sets it aside into a folder of not working Apps. If the App is important enough, you could also check with the App Developer to determine if a 64-Bit version will be forth coming. Or, if the App is not very important you could just remove it yourself and perhaps replace it with an App with similar functionality that is coded 64-Bit.


I am using ArchiCheck because I want to have a heads up on my main workflow Apps. I am not checking all my Apps, I have tons of them. I am just checking the most important Apps to ensure my various workflows will not be hindered when I go to macOS 15.