Snagit 2019 Crashing

I think I have mentioned previously that I use Techsmith’s Snagit App to do my screenshots and occasional videos. It is a very powerful App. Ever since installing macOS Mojave my Snagit 2019 App has been crashing quite frequently. It crashed so much I stopped using it for a while. I finally did some research on the Snagit forum and found a solution. If you are having problems with Snagit 2019 on your Mac, then read on for a possible solution.

Snagit 2019 Fix

If you are having problems with Snagit 2019, then do the following. Make sure the Snagit 2019 App is not running. Go into the Home Library Folder and scroll down to Preferences. If you do not have the Home Library Folder in your Finder window, then go to the “Go” menu and select “Library”:


Once you have navigated to the Preferences folder, scroll down to the com.techsmith.Snagit2019.plist file and Delete it. Then go ahead and Delete the com.techsmith.snagit.capturehelper2019.plist file as well:

Snagit Prefs

Once you have Deleted these two .plist files, then Empty the Trash. Then, for good measure, Restart your Mac. 

Once I completed all of this and Restarted, I opened Snagit 2019. What a difference!

Snagit Window

Previously, Snagit took forever to boot up. Then about half the time it would crash. Now, it booted up quite quickly with no crashes. I have been using the Snagit 2019 App for a while after this fix and all is still well. The App starts quickly and has not crashed yet.


If you are having trouble with the Snagit 2019 App, I highly recommend following this procedure. Hopefully, it will fix any issues you are having. If you do not have Snagit 2019, I highly recommend it. You can get a free trial and test it out.