Splitting PDF Files With PDFelement

What we are told these days is to not send large files via Email. If you need to get a large file to someone we are told to use Dropbox, Google Drive or some other Cloud service. But, what if you don’t have an ongoing need for those services and just want to send an occasional large file via Email? There is a way to do this, let’s check it out.

Splitting Large Files

If you do not wish to use a Cloud service to send a large file and you do not use the Mail Drop feature of the Apple Mail App, then you need to make the file smaller somehow. Some PDF Apps have a “Reduce File Size” command which can be helpful. OK, I am assuming you are sending a PDF file. I think PDF files account for the bulk of transferred files these days. But an often overlooked way of emailing a large file is to split the document into a few smaller sizes. 

You can use an App like EasySplitMerge from 321Soft. Check out one of my previous articles to see how it works. You could use the Preview App built in to the Mac OS by selecting a set of pages and Exporting them, then selecting another set of pages and Exporting them as a separate PDF document. That is a bit cumbersome, but doable. However, you may have a PDF App on your Mac that has the capability to Split PDF files. In my case that App is PDFelement 6 from Wondershare.

PDFelement is a very powerful PDF Editor. It is a little pricey, but if you really need to work with PDF’s it can do almost anything you need. One of its many functions is the capability to Split a PDF file into several smaller sizes. Here is how that works. This is the main screen of PDF Element:

PDF Element

It may be a little difficult to read in your web browser. Just click on the “Page” icon in the menubar at the top of the window. You will be taken to this page:

Split Menu

Click on the “Split” function in the submenu and you will be presented with the Split Document popup:

Split Window

In my case I was sending a woodworking magazine PDF of 66 pages. I just split the document into thirds. The original file was 17 MB:

Original File

After typing in the amount of pages in the number field you just click the “Split” button. PDFelement asks for a location to place the files. In my case I chose the Desktop. Here is the end result:

Split Files

PDFelement places the split files into a folder at the location of your choosing. In my case it split the original document into three files, each about 6.8 MB. Most email providers can handle an attachment of up to 10 MB or higher, but YMMV. All of these smaller files opened just fine on my Mac. PDFelement does nothing to the files except divide them into smaller increments.


The Split document function of PDFelement works seamlessly. Yes, it is a bit overkill if all you want to do is split an occasional file. The EasySplitMerge App may be better suited for that type of workflow. However, if you are thinking about springing for a sophisticated PDF Editor, the Split function in PDFelement is just one more reason to give the App consideration.