Accessibility Options Keyboard Shortcut

This is so very cool. I think most people use some of the options in the Accessibility Preference Pane whether they have Special Needs or not, I know I do. While perusing online articles I learned there has always been a Keyboard Shortcut to accessing the Accessibility Options in macOS. Here is how that works.


You access the Accessibility Options with different Keyboard Commands on different Macs. Here are all the ways to do this depending on what device you are running:

  1. On the built-in keyboard of a Mac notebook computer, press Fn-Option-Command-F5.
  2. On a Mac notebook with Touch ID (power button), triple-press Touch ID.
  3. On an external keyboard, press Option-Command-F5.

When you use one of these Keyboard Commands the macOS produces this window:

Accessibility Options
Accessibility Options

As you can see I use the “Enable Zoom” feature. Occasionally, I use the “Enable Voiceover” feature. Keep in mind you can also access the Accessibility Options via Siri by saying something like “turn on Voiceover” or whatever feature you wish to activate.


This is not exactly an epiphany, but it might save you a little time if you use Accessibility Options on your Mac.