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I suppose I would say Apple’s Contact App is adequate for contact management for some people. However, if you have a lot of Contacts and use them like an Intermediate or Power Mac user, then a third party App is in order. I have used BusyContacts for a while now, it is a good App. Recently, I thought I would try out the Cardhop App from flexibits.


I know many people use Cardhop in iOS. It is an excellent App for iPhone and iPad. Recently, flexibits brought Cardhop to the Mac, I am glad they did.

Cardhop resides in your menubar although you can detach it so that it is floating on your Desktop if you wish. I prefer to leave it in the menubar.

When you first startup Cardhop you have to setup an account. In my case, and I suppose most peoples, I setup iCloud. I do not keep any of my contacts at Google or anyplace else, there is just no privacy there.

Once the account is setup you access your Contacts by clicking on the Cardhop icon in the menubar:

Cardhop Window
Cardhop Window

Let me describe this by the numbers. I obviously had to block out a bunch of my contacts’ information to protect the innocent, or the guilty. But, lets take a look at this:

  1. This is the Search Box. If you have a bunch of Contacts, it is much easier to search for them than to do a bunch of scrolling.
  2. If you click on this button, Cardhop will Show All Contacts in a drop down list. This list could be extensive. If you look just above that button, you will see a list of people. These are my Favorites. You just right-click on the name to add someone to Favorites.
  3. If you click on the little square box in the lower left corner, Cardhop displays all your categories of Contacts:
Contacts Categories
Contacts Categories

This is handy if you just wish to search through a specific Category. If you click on the little gear you are taken to the various Settings in a drop down menu. This includes the Preferences area, more on that in a bit

When you click on a Contact Cardhop displays that persons or entities information to the right:

Cardhop shows ways to interact with this Contact. The little icons (Quick Actions) next to the name are Messages, Email, Phone and FaceTime. That is really handy for quick interaction with someone.

If you go further to the right you will see the full contact information. You can change what is in this area in the Preferences settings.

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