Flush Safari Caches With Develop Menu

From time to time you may need or wish to clear out all of Safari’s Cache files from web pages. Maybe Safari is not acting right or maybe you just want a fresh start. The easiest way to do this is to activate the Develop Menu in Safari Preferences.

Develop Menu

The Develop Menu is hidden away inside the Safari Preferences area. To activate it, go into Preferences and select the “Advanced” Tab. You will find the Develop Menu setting at the bottom of that window. Just check the box, close Preferences and you are good to go:

Develop Menu Setting
Develop Menu Setting

Once you are back in the main Safari Window, click on the Develop Menu and select Empty Caches about half way down the menu:

Empty Caches
Empty Caches

It takes the Develop Menu a few seconds to clear the caches in Safari. It does not show a progress bar, nor does it notify you when it is completed. So, wait maybe ten seconds or so. Then quit Safari and Restart it. You will notice your websites take a little longer to draw because Safari is re-caching each one of them.

I want to issue a caution here. If you look at the Develop Menu you will see bunches of commands. Unless you really know what these commands are for you should leave them alone. After all the Develop Menu is for Developers right?

Here is one more thing that might be useful to you. If you are on a web page that keeps acting up, you can force empty the cache for that page by holding down the Shift ⇧ Key and clicking on the Refresh Page Button in the Safari Address Bar area. Sometimes when I update one of my websites I cannot get the changes to show so I use the one page empty cache feature. It works great and is very handy.


You may not need to Empty Caches in Safari very often, but if and when you do, just use the Develop Menu. It is easy and very thorough.