Photos Drive Failing

OK, I have never had a SSD drive fail on me, at least not yet. Every once in a while I run a check on some of my external SSD’s along with my internal Mac SSD as well. Lately, the Crucial SSD that houses my Photos Library reports Drive failing in some Smart Utility Apps and Drive is OK in others. So, what to do with this dilemma.

Failing Drive

When I use the SMART Utility App I get this Drive Failing message:

Drive Failing
Drive Failing

When I run the same test on DriveDx I get the same message:

Drive Failing DriveDx
Drive Failing DriveDx

That is cause for concern especially since this drive contains my main Photos Library! Here is something from the DriveDx website:

Unlike most other tools, DriveDx detects not only “OK/Verified” and “Failed” drive health states, but also the “Failing (Pre-fail)” drive state. Thanks to that, you will detect problems much earlier than when using any other SMART monitoring utilities. This means that you have more chances to save your critical data before any data loss actually occurs

It is important to note that these Apps are indicating a “Pre-Fail” situation. The drive has not failed yet, but through advanced Algorithms they can detect early signs of potential failure.

Now when I run tests on this Crucial 500GB External Drive in Apple’s Disk Utility it comes back OK. And, I get the same result in iStat Menus, it says the drive is OK. So what to do about this. Maybe that is why Apps like Disk Utility show the drive is fine because it does not use these advanced Algorithms. That is just food for thought.

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