Font Book Duplicate Fonts

In my previous article on the Font Book App in macOS I covered it’s basic functionality. The macOS has had a version of Font Book for several releases, but I am not so sure people really use it much. The professionals use third party font programs that are way more sophisticated than Font Book. If you are experiencing any wonkiness on your Mac, it could be because of Duplicate fonts. Font Book can find and Delete Duplicate fonts, let’s look and see how that works.

Font Book

You will find the FontBook App in your Applications Folder. It is not considered a Utility, so it is not in the Utilities Folder. One you open Font Book you should see this window:

Font Book Main Window

The first thing to do is to go to the Edit menu and select “Look for Enabled Duplicates”:

Enabled Duplicates

The Duplicates run will look something like this:

Duplicates Run

When it is done checking you will get a message such as this:

Completion Message

If it does come back with Duplicates you can just go ahead and Delete them by selecting them and hitting the DELETE key. You will then get this message to “Remove”:

Remove Font

When you remove the font, it is removed. That should leave you with only one version of a particular font which is very helpful to your macOS. The macOS will not confuse which version of a font it should use when you choose a particular font from a menu. 

I have talked about this before, while you are in Font Book, run the Validate Font procedure from the File menu. That should list any damaged fonts for you to remove.


The macOS has all kinds of neat little builtin Apps and Utilities for keeping your machine in tip top shape. You just have to do a little exploring to find and test them.