Part 2: PullTube Preferences

If you click on the #3 icon in the upper right corner of the window you get the Preferences area:

General Preferences

In the General Tab you can set all kinds of things from choosing your Download location to doing all kinds of things with the file once it is downloaded. I have not played with these settings too much yet, but I plan to do some experimentation soon.

The Codecs Preference area is fairly self-explanatory:


You can select some different standards here or turn them off completely if you are not planning to convert any video downloads.

Lastly, take a look at the Extensions area:


When you get PullTube running on your Mac, you can click on one of these browser extensions to install the Pulltube Extension into your favorite browser. Here is the extension in my Safari:

Extension Safari

If you are on a YouTube video, you can activate PullTube download by clicking on the browser Extension button in the menu bar. It places the link for the video in the download window of PullTube ready to go.


PullTube is a nicely crafted video download App. I am very impressed with it. I think the $14.99 price is worth it if you do a moderate amount of video downloading from the Internet. There are other nice nuances inside the App. I have tried to cover the main areas.

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