Catalina & 32-Bit Apps

I have written about the Catalina 32-Bit App problem in previously articles. Just a reminder here, older 32-Bit Apps will not work in the next MacOS Catalina. I have a few 32-Bit Apps on my Mac, but most of those are older and some I don’t even use anymore. As a followup on this, I booted into my Catalina install on an external HD and checked Application status in System Information.

App Status

To do this in Catalina just open the System Information area by holding down the Option Key ⌥ while you click on “About This Mac” under the Apple in the upper left corner of your Desktop. Then, scroll down and click on Applications:

System Information
System Information

It takes a while to list all the Applications in the right side of the window so be patient. Now scroll down the list of Applications. When you click on an App, Catalina shows it’s Kind Status in the section below the list. In the above image it is displaying PDFPen Pro as a 64-Bit App.

If you look through your list of Apps you will certainly find some that are 32-Bit:

32-Bit App
32-Bit App

Photo Size Optimizer is a 32-Bit App. Catalina lists it as “Unsupported”. Here is a clue though. Look at the “Last Modified” date for Photo Size Optimizer. The date is 10/10/16. This App has not been updated for at least two years, maybe longer! That is what I mean about older Apps. Many of them are no longer supported.

My main question is, what is the macOS going to do with these Apps when Catalina is installed? In days gone by if the macOS found an App that was not supported it put it into a Quarantine Folder in the Root level of the hard drive. We will just have to wait and see what Catalina will do here.


While in the Catalina install I checked through all my main workflow Apps. They are all 64-Bit so I am good to go. I am sure I will lose some older Apps that I don’t use much. Perhaps I can upgrade them or maybe it will be time to just say goodbye.