External Hard Drive Ignore Ownership

A while back I read and article about setting an External Hard Drive to “Ignore Ownership”. Why would I do that? If several people are accessing an External Hard Drive attached to your Mac, setting it to “Ignore Ownership” makes it work better for them. I set my external Photos drive to “Ignore Ownership” just to test it. However, I ran into a little problem.

Ignore Ownership

You set an external drive to “Ignore Ownership” using the Get Info command in the File Menu. Here is what the Get Info on my Photos drive looks like:

Get Info Ignore
Get Info Ignore

I set this to “Ignore Ownership” just to test it. However, when I turned it off it would not stick. I tried several Restarts, but every time I unchecked “Ignore Ownership” it would be turned on again after Restarting. I am running macOS Mojave 10.14.5. I did considerable research on this, but could never make it work.

Enter the Developer Beta of Catalina which I am also running on an external hard drive. On a whim, I booted into Catalina and unchecked “Ignore Ownership” on the Photos drive. After a Restart it stuck:

Get Info Photos
Get Info Photos

Now, I don’t know if that is because Catalina fixes a problem in the macOS or if it is because Catalina in running from an external hard drive.

I guess the only way I will know for sure is when I install the final version of Catalina on my main iMac in September. I guess the old adage “time will tell” is applicable here.

By the way, the Photos App worked just fine no matter what way the “Ignore Ownership” was set.


I guess this is no big deal, but I would only use the “Ignore Ownership” setting if you really needed to do so. Here is a video that goes into a little more depth on using “Ignore Ownership”.