YouTube Picture In Picture In Safari

Sometimes I like to watch or listen to a YouTube video while I am doing something else. That makes the Picture in Picture feature in Safari pretty handy. YouTube videos have their own menu system when you right-click on a video, but there is a way to access the Safari menu.

Picture In Picture

Here is a screenshot of a woodworking video (one of my hobbies) in YouTube:

If you right-click on this video you get the YouTube menu of available choices:

Now, to access the Safari menu just leave that first menu on the screen and right-click somewhere else on the video window:

The Safari menu takes the place of the YouTube menu. You can choose Picture in Picture or several other items. When you choose Picture in Picture your video is moved to a corner of your Mac screen and is made much smaller:

You can continue to run the video from this location or click back onto the main video window if you prefer.

It seems like YouTube has taken a clue from Apple and incorporated this feature into their system as well. If you have the YouTube video paused, there is a menu in the bottom right corner of the window which has been there forever. However, YouTube has added an icon for the Miniplayer:

If you click on this icon, YouTube moves your video into a Picture in Picture window at the bottom of your screen. It works very similarly to the Safari version.


I don’t know how much you use the Picture in Picture feature, but if and when you do it is pretty easy to access through Safari or YouTube itself.