Assign Pictures To Contacts In iOS

I like to assign a photo to each of my Contacts if at all possible. The easiest way to do that is on your iPhone or iPad. Contrary to what you might think, you start with the Photos App not the Contacts App. Here is how you do this if you are interested in personalizing your Contacts list.

Contacts Pictures

The first thing you do is open the Photos App on your iOS device and locate the photo you wish to use for this person:


Next, tap on the photo to open it. Then scroll the list at the bottom of the window horizontally and select Assign To Contact:

Assign To Contact

Then you are presented with the editing window. Here you can move and scale the Photo in the circle:

Move and Scale

When you are finished editing tap on “Choose”. You are taken to your Contact List. Just find and tap on the Contact. The photo appears in the Contacts information area:

Contact Photo

If you are satisfied with the result, tap on Update and you are all set. Now the photo appears wherever you list this person as a Contact including your Mac.


Setting a photo for a Contact in iOS is easy. I think it is a nice touch for friends and family, maybe even people at our work.