Creating Mail App Signatures

I know most Mac people use the MacOS Mail App for their Email needs. Because of that I keep an ear to the ground on things that may be helpful for Mail users, even though I prefer other Apps for Email. One thing that can be handy in any Email App is creating Signatures. To add a nice touch to a Signature you can include a logo. Here is how to do that in the Apple Mail App.

Signature Logos

You begin by entering the Mail Preferences area to add a Signature and logo:

Mail Preferences

Then, click on the Signature Tab to get into the Signatures area:


Click on the “Plus” symbol to add a new Signature:

New Signature

Type in what you want in the Signature. Then, just drag in your logo to where you want it to go in the Signature:

Signature Logo

If the logo is not just right, you can delete it, resize or fix whatever is wrong with it. Then, just drag it back into the Signature..

Once the Signature has been created you can use it in a new Email. Create a new Email, place your cursor in the body area and click on the Signature drop down:

Signature Logo

Choose your new Signature and you are good to go:

Inserted Signature


You can create all kinds of Signatures with whatever logos fit what you are trying to do.