Find My Location Notifications

I have been exploring the upcoming Catalina operating system for a while now. I like some of the new stuff, more specifically Find My App. In my previous article on the Find My App I covered the general overall functionality. Today I want to cover the Notifications feature. It is similar to Notifications in the High Sierra version of Find My iPhone, but much more sophisticated and nicely done.

Find My Notifications

You get to the Notifications area of Find My by first selecting a person in the left sidebar:

Find My Window

Then just click on the small “I” icon next to the persons name in the displayed map. You will be taken to this screen:

Add Notifications

Under Notifications click the “Add” link which produces this pop out:


If you wish to be notified, you click on the Notify Me button. If you wish to notify someone else you click on the lower Notify “name” button. In this case I want to be notified. This is what you see when you click on the Notify Me button:

Name Leaves

In this case I selected to be notified “When Name Leaves” a certain location. You could also choose “Arrives” if you wish. When you are finished click on “Add” in the upper right corner of this little window. You will arrive at a window similar to this:

Final Notify

You can also “Remove” this Notification in the bottom of this window. I know these images look a little clunky, but I had to remove the names to ‘protect the innocent’ as the saying goes.


I have used this feature in Catalina a few times now in testing mode. It works really well, not problems at all. I have used this to monitor when someone will arrive at my house. I have also used it to know when someone arrived home so I could contact them. I am sure there are several uses only limited by your imagination.