iOS Messages Share Location

I know some people deactivate Location Services on their iOS Devices. There is good reason for this if you do not wish to be tracked by different Apps. However, when you turn off Locations Services you lose some nice features of iOS. One of those is sharing your location in the Messages App. Sharing your location in the Messages app can be handy if you need to keep track of kids or Grandma and Grandpa. If you have not already used this feature, here is how you Share Location in the Messages App.

Location Services

Sharing your location all begins with Location Services. You need to make sure you have Location Services turned on in your iOS Device, most likely your iPhone. To do that you first enter the Settings / General area:

General Setting

Once in this area scroll down and tap on Share My Location:

Share My Location

You will see this screen:

Location Services

Make sure the slider is on green and you should be good to go.

Messages Location Sharing

If you are in the Messages App, you can now send your location to someone in a text. You already have to establish a text with someone. While in that text tap on the persons name and a small menu appears. Click on the “Info” icon:

Messages Info

You will see a window with some choices:


When you tap on “Share My Location” link a small Map of your location is placed in your text message:


The map is not too visible in this instance, but you get the idea. If you tap on the map, it opens in the Maps App. There are other ways to Share your location in Messages, but as far as I can tell this one works every time without any problems. 


I admit I do not use this feature a ton, but sometimes it really comes in handy. I probably use it most when I am traveling away from home to stay connected to the people I am traveling with.