Parallels 15

I have used the Parallels Desktop App for many years to run a Windows and sometimes Mac OS’s in a virtual window. It really is handy for testing stuff. I am currently running Mac OS Catalina Developer Beta in Parallels right now. The Parallels people just released version 15 of their App with some nice improvements. This pretty much sums it up:

Today Parallels Desktop 15 was announced introducing a whole new array of features for the Mac program that lets users run Windows and Linux without rebooting. Among the major updates is support for many macOS Catalina features like Sidecar, support for DirectX 11 and more.

With support for DirectX 11 via the switch to Metal, performance should see an impressive boost. Parallels says 3D graphics will render 15% faster, Microsoft Office apps could launch up to 80% faster and the overall user interface should be much more responsive.

I am running version 15 and Catalina and I can tell you these speed estimations are not an exaggeration. Prior to this update my Parallels Catalina install just did not work well. Now, just about every aspect of the OS is working great. This Parallels 15 update is very impressive. If you are a Parallels person, I highly recommend updating. It is worth the $49 price tag.