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Some of you may have noticed that Macessence was down for a day or so. I am in the process of switching to a new hosting provider. I have several websites so it is taking a while to complete. The WordPress sites are the most complicated, but I found a WordPress plugin that not only does backups of your WordPress install, but prepares it to migrate to another service provider if you choose to move your blog. The plugin is called Backup-Guard and it works really well. Lets take a look at it. 

Backup-Guard Overview

Backup-Guard (hereinafter referred to as “BG”) has a free version and a “Pro” version. It you are at all serious about backing up your WordPress install and especially in moving it to a new service, I highly recommend purchasing the “Pro” version. They have different levels of what they call Premium, just pay for what you need. You can install the free BG from within WordPress, but if you want the paid for Premium level you first need to create an account on their website, then you will see Ads for Premium. Once you upgrade to Premium you can download the level you have purchased (I have Gold level) and install the package through WordPress Plugins by navigating to your Desktop while inside of WordPress and uploading the “Zip” file installer.

✬✬ This next bit of information is very important. I was confused by this at first, don’t make the same mistake that I made. If you look around the BG website you will see some pricing. This pricing is for buying their offline storage! Don’t confuse this pricing with the actual price of BG Premium, they are very different. Just make sure you create an account, login to the account on their site and THEN upgrade to the Premium model of your choice.

Backup-Guard Account

Here is what my account looks like on the BG website:

Backpu-Guard Account Page

The “Gold” model allows me licenses for 5 websites. I have 3 WordPress blogs so this level of Premium fits me perfectly. You have to link your licenses to a WordPress website in the “Websites” section:

Websites Link

Here you can see my websites listed. You have to install BG on your blog and then create a link to your WordPress site from your account. One more thing while we are in the Account area. If you are reticent to move your WordPress blog on your own, the BG people offer a service of moving the site for you:

Pay Site Move

The service is not cheap, but if the blog is important to you, maybe a commercial blog or something like that, then paying for a one-time move might be worth it. Lets take a look at how BG works inside WordPress.

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