Catalina Third Party App Updates

It has begun and will continue for the remainder of this year and beyond. The macOS upgrade to Catalina is going to be major. There are several under the hood changes that affect Apple’s and third party applications; how they are installed and how they run. The excellent SoundSource App is a great case in point.

SoundSource Catalina

I installed the SoundSource App fairly recently. It is a great sound control App for macOS. I use it all the time. With Catalina’s release just around the corner, several of my every day Apps are starting to release Catalina upgrades. Here is SoundSource’s latest release:

SoundSource Update

You can read the Catalina information at the top of this update. I installed this update and received a second update notice:

Second Update

So, SoundSource needs to update a secondary component along with the original App. That is one of the problems with Catalina, it requires all kinds of low level components that work with various Apps to be updated along with the App. It is just going to be complicated folks.

I have been thinking about this for a while now. I run a Developer Beta of Catalina on an external SSD. I am leaning toward just installing the final release version of Catalina on that drive and running it for a few days to see how it really works with my main workflow Apps.


I am not trying to promote panic here. But, I am trying to promote caution when it comes to updating to Catalina. It will make your Mac super secure, but it might come with a bit of price in the form of headaches.