Do You Need Security On iOS Notes?

I use the secure 1Password program to secure and interact with all my passwords. It is the only way to go if you have tons of passwords like I do. However, what if you only need to lock down a few passwords. A case in point is my wife. She has a few sensitive passwords for her work that she needs to keep on her iPhone, but have them stored securely. She does not need a password program. She is using the Notes App for this purpose. Here is what we did to make these passwords secure.

Notes Lock Setup

There is a way to lock down notes in the iOS Notes App. This security measure also applies to the Notes App on the Mac if you are sharing your Notes via iCloud. When you implement this lock down, all the notes that you designate as locked use this same password that you are going to create.

To lock down your iOS Notes you begin in the Settings area:

Notes App Settings

Scroll down and Tap on “Notes”. You will be taken to this screen:

Password Setting

Tap on “Password” and you will be taken to the password creation screen:

Enter Passwords

Enter a password twice:

Password Setup

Apple strongly recommends providing a password hint. Not a bad idea since we have bunches of passwords these days. When you are finished tap “Done”.

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