How Do You Add & Delete Safari Favorites?

Although many people use the Firefox and Chrome web browsers, Safari remains as the primary browser for Mac users. It has its good and bad points, but as far as I am concerned it has been gradually improved over time. Favorites is one Safari feature used by many people. Sometimes they even set Favorites as they’re home page when Safari opens. You can add and delete sites to Favorites, here is how that works.

Favorites Add

You can set your Safari to open in the Favorites Page:

Safari Open Favorites

If you set Safari to open that way, or if you navigate to the Favorites page, it will look something like this:

Favorites Page

While using the Favorites feature in Safari, you may need to Add or Delete a Favorite from time to time. To Add a website to your Favorites just click on the Bookmarks menu item and choose “Add Bookmark”. You will be presented with this drop down menu:

Favorites Drop Down

If you do not see Favorites in the drop down menu, then click on it and navigate to the Favorites folder. You can rename the Favorite in the next field below the drop down, then click “Add”. The site is added to your Favorites folder. Now the Favorites Bar can be displayed by selecting “Show Favorites Bar” from the Safari View menu:

Safari View Menu

The Favorites Bar appears right above the website window in Safari. Or, it will appear in the Safari page window by selecting “Show Favorites” from the Bookmarks menu in Safari”

Show Favorites

Favorites Delete

There are three ways to Delete a Favorite. With all the Favorites displayed in the browser window you can right-click on a Favorite and select “Delete”:

Delete Favorite

You can just drag it off of the Favorites Bar at the top of the Safari window. It will disappear to be a Favorite no more. And you can open the Safari Sidebar, open the Favorites folder and Delete the site from there.


Favorites can be helpful if there are a handful of sites you visit everyday. It is one way of setting up your Safari web browser which might fit your workflow.