iOS 13 Safari Tab Closing

There are tons of improvements in the new iOS 13. Even on my old iPhone 8 Plus it is definitely faster. An added bonus is its efficiency. Before installing iOS 13 I was using 28 of 64 GB. After installing iOS 13 I am currently using 23 GB. There are lots of little tweaks and improvements throughout the OS. One of those is the ability to automate Safari Tab Closing. Here is how to set that up.

Safari Tab Closing

If you use the iOS Safari web browser over a period time you end up with bunches of open Tabs in the background:

Safari Tabs

I am sure this has to affect the amount of memory Safari is using, maybe even the speed of how things work on your iOS Device. Periodically, I go into iOS Safari and close all the Tabs. However, iOS 13 has a much easier way to do this.

Start by going into Settings and Tapping on Safari:

Safari Setting

Then scroll down to the Tabs Section and Tap on Close Tabs:

Close Tabs

You are taken to this screen:

Close Tabs Window

It is set to Manually by default. I set mine to “After One Week”:

After One Week

You could set it to One Day or One Month depending on how much you use Safari in iOS.


Automating Tab closing is a small thing, but it is just one more thing you can leave to iOS without having to manually bother with it.