iPhone Bold Text Helps You See Better

I think it is safe to say most Mac users have an iPhone or an iPad. If you are like me, your eyes are not quite what they used to be so you welcome any thing that will enable you to read text better. That includes reading text on an iPhone or iPad as well. One assist for easy reading in iOS is to enable Bold Text.

iOS Bold Text

What got me on to improving my iOS reading experience was trying to read something in full sunlight. It was very difficult to do, so I decided to try using Bold Text. To turn on Bold Text you have to go into the Settings area on your iOS device (this works for iPhones and iPads):

iOS Settings

Once in this area scroll down and Tap on Display & Brightness:

Display & Brightness

When you are in this area tap on Bold Text at the bottom of the window:

Bold Text

When you do this iOS is going to give you a message that you have to Restart your iOS device to make this change take effect:

Restart iPhone

After the Restart the text in many areas of iOS will be bolder and easier to read:

Bold Text Activated

If you compare the above screen image with the first image in this article I think you will see a marked improvement of the readability of the text on this Home Screen. This is on an iPhone 8 Plus, I am sure it might be even better on newer iOS devices. 

Here is a comparison side by side in the Settings area:


Hopefully you can see the difference on your computer screen. The difference is very pronounced on the iPhone and iPad.

After working with Bold Text for a while I noticed a couple of things. Bold Text works on App Titles and other Titles in documents. Actually, I would say it works with Headings in documents like web pages and others. I works within the Settings area also, it is much more readable as far as I am concerned. However, as far as I can determine, it does not work with body text in documents or web pages. The body text stays the same which is fine with me, I really want it more for reading Settings and App Titles anyway.


If you need a little help in the visual acuity area using your iPhone and iPad, I recommend enabling Bold Text. You can always turn it off again if you do not like it.