Is Your Mac Login Secure?

I am continually evaluating how I use my Apple Devices. One of the most important areas for constant monitoring is security and privacy. With that in mind, I have decided to change my login and security of my main iMac workflow machine. Here are some of the login options in the Mac OS.

Mac Computer Login

If your Mac is in a business with other people around, then it is obvious why you need to make your Login secure. However, you may not feel the need to have a secure Login on a Mac used exclusively at home. That is the way I used to think, but I have changed my mind. I don’t want “company” nosing around on my Mac. That includes little children and even big children (teenagers). Securing a Mac at home may be a bit of overkill, but better to be safe than sorry. Let’s look at how to do this.

You access the Mac Login settings in the Users & Groups System Preferences :

Users & Groups

Once in this area click on Login Options and then Authenticate for your Mac:


You are taken to this window displaying your Login Options:

Login Options

I have decided to explain this window by the numbers.

1. Automatic Login — The only way to really make your Mac secure is to turn off “Automatic Login”. This way something has to be done to access your Mac, a person cannot just sit down at your machine and start doing bad stuff.

2. Display Login Window — The maximum security for this setting is to set it to “Name and Password”. That would require a person to know your macOS account name and password. I have mine set to display the account. I don’t think anyone will guess my password.

3. Sleep, Restart — Leaving this setting to “On” for a home or business machine is fine. The only time you would turn this off is if the computer was for public use.

4. Show Input Menu — This setting is for changing to a different language. Not too many of us will be using this setting.

5. Password Hints — If you know your password by heart you can turn this off. I am not sure why I leave it on, but either way is fine.

6. Fast User Switching — If you have several people using one Mac with their own account, then you should leave this “On”.

You can set the time frame when your Mac goes to a login screen in the Energy Saver and Screen Saver System Preferences area. 


If you do not think these security measure are warranted, then no problem. However, using even some of these settings may save you some grief in the future.