Is Your Mac Up To Date?

You don’t have to be quite as obsessive as me about keeping your Mac up to date all of Apple’s system processes. I am talking about security stuff like Xprotect, Gatekeeper, MRT (malware) and others. Apple has a slew of builtin processes designed to keep your Mac secure and running well. The macOS is supposed to keep these systems up to date, but at times it needs a little nudge. Let me show you what I use to monitor these security updates, it works quite well and is FREE!


There is a cool dude named Howard Oakley who runs a site called The Electric Light Company which is a blog that contains several life interests including Mac programming. Mr. Oakley has several one-off style applications on this website for managing and monitoring the Mac operating system. I use a few of those Apps one of which is SilentKnight. Here is how SilentKnight is described:

A replacement for LockRattler to perform its assessments and check whether your Mac is up to date automatically. Checks EFI firmware, security settings and data files, and has both a summary Help page and a detailed reference. Update improves features on all systems, and fixes checks for Catalina beta 4 in particular.

Basically, it monitors things related to security in your Mac system. When you run SilentKnight it produces this window:


You can see all the items it checks. Almost all of it is related to security of your system. After the system check is completed you receive this window:

Finished Test

Sorry I did not need any updates, but I am sure the App produces a link to update whatever is out of date.

You can increase the report text size under the “Format” menu. And, you can export a report of the results in the “File” menu.

Let me take an aside here. I want to emphasize that keeping these system security items up to date is very important. Apple has some great security features. The more up to date these items are in your system the more secure things will be.


I am not so obsessive that I run SilentKnight every day, but I do run it after any updates to the Mac operating system to make sure all the security stuff is updated. And, sometimes I just run it if I have not run it in a while. It only takes a few seconds to run. Not a prohibitive time investment to keep your Mac secure and running well.