Prepare iPhone For Trade-In

Since I will be treading in my iPhone 8 Plus for a new iPhone in a month, I thought I would run through some procedures on preparing and erasing your old iPhone. There are a few things to consider BEFORE you erase your iPhone and I will cover those. Here is how to proceed with this.New Text file

Before The Erase

Yes, you can just go ahead and do the Erase procedure on your old iPhone, but there are a couple of things you might want to do first to ensure the safety of your data.

1. Backup Your Old iPhone – That almost goes without saying, but I included it just to be safe. You can backup to iCloud inside iOS (that is what I do) or you can connect the iPhone to your Mac and backup using iTunes or the Finder in Catalina. 

2. UnPair Your Apple Watch – Do you own an Apple Watch? It is a good idea to unpair the Apple Watch from the iPhone before the Erase procedure. This article explains how to unpair your Apple Watch both with the iPhone present and not present.

3. Deactivate Services & Logout Manually – Supposedly, when you use the Erase command on your iPhone it deletes the Find My iPhone setting and deactivates all your services. However, there are occasional cases where this does not happen. So, if you wish to be super secure, then you might wish to do it manually.

Now, if you have done all of the above you can move to the Factory Reset of your iPhone. Here is how that procedure works.

Factory Reset

As is usually the case, the place to begin the Erase is in the Settings area. Once in Settings scroll down and tap on General:

General Setting

Once inside the General area scroll down and tap on Reset:


Then tap on Erase All Content and Settings:

Erase All Content

It will ask if you wish to Backup before Erasing. You have already done that, so just tap Erase Now:

Erase Now

You may be asked for your iPhone Passcode. Then it will ask you to authenticate your Apple ID. Then it will Erase the iPhone which should only take a few minutes. It will leave the iPhone back at the Apple screen for setup and you are done! Enjoy your NEW iPhone!


The Erase process is not that complicated. If you to take a little extra time to prepare for the Erase,  things will be better in the long run.