Rotating Images In Mac Finder

I think most Mac people do lots of things with pictures, both in the Photos App and outside of it. As the Mac OS has progressed in sophistication Apple has increased its ability to interact and deal with pictures. There are some things you can do with a picture right in the Finder including Rotate a photo. It is easy to do, quick down and dirt.

Finder Picture Rotation

Working with pictures in the Mac Photos and Preview Apps provides more capability to Edit pictures. However, there are times when we just need a quick correction before we Email or Message a picture to others. One common correction is Rotating a photo.

If you select a picture in the Finder in MacOS Mojave it should display something like this depending on how you have your Finder setup:

2019 09 02 13 21 19

To Rotate the picture to the left just click on the “Rotate Left” icon below the picture:

2019 09 02 13 21 35

To keep Rotating the picture click on the “Rotate Left” icon again. If you wish to “Rotate Right” hold down the Option ⌥ Key and click the “Rotate” icon:

Picture Rotate Right

You end up with the picture back where you started or perhaps you would begin by Rotating Right:

Picture Rotate

Of course, if you wish to do more with the picture you can click on the Markup icon. However, this is a quick way to adjust a picture before sending it off to someone else.

This is how the “Rotate” feature works in Finder Column. If you use a different Finder View like “List” you have to turn on “Show Preview” in the Finder View menu after selecting the picture:

Show Preview

Then you will see a “Preview” of the picture in the far right portion of the “List” Finder window:

List Picture

By the way, this functionality is the same in Mac OS Catalina. At least it is the same as of Developer Beta 7 that is.


The Mac Finder has some nice builtin features. You just have to take the time to notice and use them.